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Experts In Aging is an assisted living, residential care and mobility referral service providing hands on quality assistance throughout the selection process.

We are passionate about connecting seniors and their loved ones with supportive assisted living communities and mobility services that offer the care and services that allow older adults to age gracefully and independently. We advance a commitment to helping older adults and caregivers maintain health, independence, and quality of life. Our team has spends countless hours inspecting locations, including mid-larger size communities as well as smaller, residential care homes, meeting the staff and reviewing state reports to advise you of any citations that may have been issued against a particular location. The Senior Care Advisors will meet personally with you to discuss various options and will accompany you on visits to locations to ensure all your questions are answered. We provide options to only the best and the hallmark of our service commitment is that we are by your side every step of the way. We would be happy to put you in contact with an advisor in your area who will provide you with expert advice on any of the assisted living locations and mobility services.
“We ended up finding a great spot for dad, he’s very comfortable and we know he is safe.”
– Ken H.
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We Work with only Certified Sernior and Mobility Advisors.
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