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Why Us

Why Choose Experts In Aging!

We know that navigating senior care options can be overwhelming for you and your family. As your advocate, we can do the homework for you. With so many critical decisions to make, it’s not always easy to know where to begin. Experts In Aging is the recognized leader in senior living options and mobility consulting services. We’ll help you sort through and understand all your care options, traverse a complex healthcare system, get accurate and up-to-date information, and connect you to vetted local resources. Our impassioned Certified Senior Advisors take the time to understand your unique situation and provide personalized, guidance and support along the way.

What differentiates Experts In Aging?

Whether you are looking to find an assisted living community, mobility services or need support in navigating other care options, we can help. Experts In Aging only works with expertly trained Certified Senior Advisors. At any stage of care, we strive to provide knowledgeable, caring support at a time when your family needs it most.
  1. One to One Guidance - The Certified Senior Advisors first conversation will help you understand and assess your family's needs and answer your questions.
  2. Consultation - Our CSA's will discuss various care options that might be the best fit for your loved one, taking into consideration care needs, geographic preference, and budget. If not placement we’ll discuss other resources to ensure safety and comfort for your loved one.
  3. Making a Plan - The Certified Senior Advisor will work with you to create a plan with clear steps and goals to keep us on track. This will be your plan. We will help you manage all the steps.
  4. Community or Care Home Selection - When they identify potential providers, They’ll schedule tours, accompany you to each site, assist with paperwork, and moving arrangements.
  5. Ongoing Support - Once care has been established, they will follow up to ensure that your expectations of the care, comfort, and safety needs of your loved one are being met. The CSA also can help you find other resources, such as attorneys, in-home care professionals, fiduciaries, day programs, moving specialists, and more.

We will be by your side throughout the entire process.

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“ We would not be feeling this much at peace without their help.”
– Jeni O.
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We Work with only Certified Sernior and Mobility Advisors.
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